The foreign exchange market is a global decentralized or over-the-counter market for the trading of currencies. This market determines the foreign exchange rate for each currency. It includes all aspects of buying, selling, and exchanging currencies at current or fixed prices.

It is the world’s largest and most liquid market. It is a truly global currency market and stays open 24×7. Still, It is not the perfect one, FOREX traders face various problems which include lack of features, lack of dynamic structure, and higher deduction.

However, cryptocurrencies have added an attractive new dimension to currency trading. In recent years, many…

Investment excites some people but scares many. There are many options, but without proper news and knowledge, it is difficult to figure out which investments are right for your portfolio. This article is important because our stable token PowerCoin (PKoin) supports most of the popular cryptocurrency Invest In Power Coin strategies including Trading, Holding, Staking, and Borrowing.

Thus, whether you want to earn passive income or want to borrow funds for your business or project, PKoin will be helpful in the long run.

Today, we are here to explain all these investment types, and then we will tell you how…

People think that luck is the primary factor in getting rich, but we believe that it is your investment decision that helps you achieve the desired financial freedom. Yes, your investment decision, whatever you invest with the hope of getting a good ROI.

Investment whether you are making in learning new skills or directly into something like a business plan, stock market, or even cryptomarket. Of Course, these require a big amount of investment, but what will be your reaction if we tell you that we are considering an amount of just $100 to create passive income.

Yes, you read…

A reputed finance 3.0 company PowerCorp is excited to announce that its cryptocurrency Power Coin (PKoin) is finally accepted and listed on It is a result of hardwork and authentic work that made this happen. is a reputed digital currency exchange platform that allows the purchase, sale, withdrawal, deposit and exchange of digital currency. Various well-known digital currencies, preferred altcoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, Ripple, Stellar and the DeFi project are listed on and now Powercoin (PKoin) makes its place on it.

PowerCorp and PKoin

PowerCorp is a Finance 3.0 project supported by a stable asset backed token “PowerCoin (PKoin)”…

Cryptocurrency is slowly but surely becoming a popular form of digital currency, payment, and passive income source. Despite the growing curiosity in crypto, governments are making things hard for it and its holders and all because of its decentralized nature.

What does it mean? So decentralized means the government has no central authority over these currencies, thus, they believe crypto will cause threat to central banks and national security.

Crypto world is growing and growing at rocket speed. Every year many new cryptocurrency and ICO/ IEO get introduced. Daily new trading records are made and broken in this field. …

Exchange-based tokens began to come into prominence around mid-2017. Most of them are classified as utility tokens, aiming to give more benefit to the holders, and issued by the exchanges themselves. These are one of the most useful digital assets in vogue.

Exchange-based token offer holders a discount on trading fees and other benefits. This makes them nothing like equity claims on exchange revenue, which has been pointed out by many analysts, irrespective of any buyback mechanism employed.

This makes them like the utility tokens or air miles issued in the 2017 and early 2018 coin offering and some investors…

Our world is going through a really tough time. People are locked behind their doors, they don’t have any income source, businesses are closed, many countries are facing economic crisis or slowdown, and all because of Covid-19 Pandemic situation that is again hurting us so badly.

In this situation people understand the importance of having a secondary source of income, it not only supports their financial condition but also provides them better chances of survival. This secondary income or extra income is sometimes called Passive Income.

Basically Passive income is extra income over your regular income. This income doesn’t require…

Power Corp BOUNTY Program
The Power Corp team is giving away 5,000 PKOIN (Power Coin) worth $35,000 to the participants of the bounty program.

The Bounty program is starting from 10th May 2021 and will be end on 31st May 2021

Please follow the Official Telegram group of Power Corp Bounty to ask all your queries and questions related to our bounty campaign. Please do not send direct messages to Admin asking questions here on Bitcointalk. Here are the details:

YouTube = 1500 coins (30%)
Facebook = 1000 coins (15%)
Twitter = 1000 coins (15%)
Instagram = 750 coins (10%)
Blogs & Media =…

Residual income or passive income is additional income that supports your financial condition. This is different from salary because it can come on any date and the amount is not fixed.

Additionally, in most cases, you are no longer paid for your personal efforts alone, but for the efforts of hundreds or thousands of other people and efforts of your money.

There are infinite opportunities available around us to generate passive income but when it comes to generating $1000 a month as passive income then we need a serious Passive income source along with a proper plan and a bit…

Our world is still recovering from the Covid-19 crisis, many lost their jobs, many lost their businesses, but this crisis time also taught us the importance of having a passive income source.

Passive income can be a great way to help you create additional cash flow. If you suddenly become unemployed or even if you take time off from work voluntarily, it will help you to bridge the gap.

If you’re thinking about creating a passive income stream, there are infinite strategies and opportunities, easily accessible around you and even on the web but do you know that Power Coin…

power corp

PoweCorp offers the most liquid asset-backed token in the marketplace.

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